Our Mission

To be global leaders in the Health and Wellness tourism market by partnering with the premium service providers and focusing on the individual needs of our customers.

What do we do? As Health and Wellness Tourism Experts, we assess, guide, refer and provide assistance to customers seeking to recieve treatment for a diagnosed medical condition, elective procedure or to improve or maintain health or quality of life. Our services include one on one conversations with our consultants as well as a quote system that allows us to prepare and offer a personalised plan aiming to address every individual need. Why are we doing it? Our unique view to Holistic Wellness is a concept initially developed by our Client Services director, Vicki Niemeyer, who experienced first-hand the challenges and complexities of a cosmetic surgery journey. Access to Holistic and Wellness support through meditation and other Holistic practices, before during and after her procedures, resulted in a prompt and effective recovery. We identified this effective process as a unique opportunity to be a part of the holistic wellness movement and the health tourism industry by combining specialized guidance and expert assistance as well as travel and accommodation options and related services.

Matt Neimeyer

Managing Director Coming from a Hospitality and IT background, Matt has a wealth of experience in customer service. Currently working as a Shamanic Practitioner and in the process of completing a 3 year advanced shaman course. Matt has been on a deeper spiritual path for over 10 years, a spiritual healer all his life and possesses a deep interest in helping people mentally, physically and spiritually.

Vicki Niemeyer

Client Services Director Sales and Relationship Management Professional, with over 10 years of Involvement in Meditation and Healing Practices. After being through the journey of Cosmetic surgery overseas Vicki identified a need for a more holistic approach to preparing for surgery and recovery. A qualified Holistic counselor and Meditation Teacher, keen to guide and assist potential clients in their personal journeys. Vicki has been involved in mediation and healing practices for 10 years and has a diploma in Holistic counselling and Mediation teaching

Sophie Dubus

Client Liaison Manager Sophie brings over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, more than half of which has been dedicated specifically to health and wellness tourism. She holds a masters degree in Responsible Tourism Management and completed her thesis on the motivations and ethics behind wellness tourism operators. She has been living in Phuket for the past 3 years and is a qualified and practising Shamanic Healing Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist and Self-Awareness Life Coach. Sophie heads our Customer Liaison department in Thailand.

Tonia Ivanni

Sales Manager Understanding the needs and requirements of clients has been at the forefront of Tonia’s approach to sales for over 15 years. Taking a holistic view to ensure that clients are given the correct information and guidance prior to committing to their procedure is essential. Tonia is qualified in Holistic Counselling and Meditation Training and understands that a positive experience and outcome is the best result for her clients on their wellness journey.